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Submit to acting auditions and modeling jobs in Chicago by sending live photos or videos directly to casting directors, filmmakers and companies looking for talent.

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Submit to roles by sending live photos or videos directly to casting professionals.


Submit to roles by sending live photos or videos directly to casting professionals.


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See all your past submissions – and the photo or video you submitted. Keep track of what’s working and what you can improve.

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Sick of paying $25 per photo upload? Us too. Manage your portfolio and personal details 24/7 with no fees whatsoever.

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“Finally, there is an app that makes auditioning so much easier for Talent. No more driving for hours in LA traffic to get to an audition and it’s nice that talent is on a level playing field as they have to send in a current selfie for their submissions..which means casting gets a true impression of what you look like rather than people hiding behind photoshopped headshots. I can’t wait to see this become the ‘norm’ in the entertainment landscape and do away with archaic audition processes.”

Emma Green


“UpCast is an easy way to apply for acting jobs when you’re on the go, in-between auditions or looking for more work. UpCast has a simple, no hassle system, that makes it easy to navigate which projects you are right for and each submission takes less than a minute! I have had some success with using UpCast not long after signing up. I received a straight to callback, a straight to shoot and also have been presented the opportunity to co-produce a short-film. The projects on UpCast vary from independent filmmakers to high budget campaigns. UpCast is a great way to meet people in the industry, collaborate, keep busy and keep your pockets green. This platform was designed with the actor in mind, so you can click your way to the next job and onward towards all your career goals!”

Cat Del Re


“I recently joined Actors Access, LA Casting and UpCast – and UpCast is my favorite of all of the casting platforms.”

Erin Beck


“I love the app, I just got my first response for an audition and I’m ecstatic! I think what you guys are doing at UpCast is great and I’m grateful to have stumbled upon it.”

Austin Laine Walker


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