So, you booked a job! Now what?

While booking a shoot sometimes feels like winning the lottery, your effort shouldn’t stop there. You should put just as much effort into preparing for the shoot as you did the audition (if not more!). Successful models have a routine or standard for how they show up to set and know that making a good impression and doing a great job is paramount.
There are so many models competing for a limited number of jobs, so you have to do more than the bare minimum. Set your sights on standing out and exceeding expectations to leave a lasting impression on clients. Keep reading for tips and strategies to be a ‘pro’ on set and have a successful modeling shoot.
Here’s a quick pre-shoot checklist to ensure a successful shoot and will have you looking like you know what you are doing, even if you don’t!

  • Show up on time (this means 10-15 minutes before your scheduled call time)
  • Clear skin (Face should be clean, with no makeup-unless told otherwise)
  • Clean hair (But do not wash the same day of shoot, makes it hard to hold a style)
  • White clean teeth (Crest Whitening Strips work well on a last minute basis)
  • Manicured finger nails and toes (a soft natural look is best, which means neutrals or clear polish for girls and no polish for guys)
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin (Don’t go drinking the night before, you will look your best if you are hydrated and not hungover)
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep before shoot date
  • General self care (shaven, showered and general good hygiene)
  • Girls- Bring/wear nude colored undergarments and a strapless bra, and some basic makeup essentials just in case. If they ask you to come to set with hair and makeup done, arrive with all preparations made.
  • Guys- It’s a good idea to ask your agent if they want you clean-shaven or scruffy. As a general rule of thumb you should show up how you looked at the audition, but to be safe you should ask. Bring your razor to set just in case.

A good model shows up on time. A great model shows up 15 minutes early and lets their contact know they have arrived. Productions have a lot of moving parts and usually have tight schedules to follow, and any delay can cost big money. You may be the star of the show but great models know they have a job to do and take that responsibility very seriously. The talent can make or break the day, you are very important to have a good shoot.
A good model gets the job done. A great model exceeds expectations with a positive attitude. Be enthusiastic and eager to work. Make an effort to establish rapport with the photographer or client. Be patient if circumstances are less than ideal- you might experience inadequate dressing rooms, bad weather or temperamental crew, try and go with the flow. Work quickly and accomplish the objectives without a lot of fuss or difficulty, and take direction with grace.
A photoshoot is full of creative people- from the agency who came up with the idea, to the client who knows their product and vision, and the photographer and crew who are all masters at their craft. As a model, you have a chance to show your creativity on set as well.
Feel free to think of ways to enhance what you are modeling and have ideas for moving, posing, expressing and acting. Practicing in front of a mirror is still the tried and true method to get comfortable modeling.
Take care of items you are modeling, or wardrobe you have on. Make certain to not damage an item and be careful around studio equipment, props etc. Have fun and remember modeling is a collaborative process and they hired YOU to execute their vision. Act responsibly and be positive and you will have a successful modeling shoot every time.
Lights, camera, action!

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